The Volcanoes from Borobudur Buddhist Temple, Java, Indonesia (Photo: A T Mann)

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May Taurus New Moon 2021

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I am having a show of my Twelve Mandalas

at Lightforms Art Center in Hudson 8 October 2021.


Georgina Langdale at The Alchemist's Kitchen


Shiva Dancing

A New Vision of Astrology

by A.T. Mann

Utilizing An original and profound system that converts traditional sun-sign astrology into a more precise language for decoding the complete range of human experience, A New Vision of Astrology contains bold new concepts that reframe astrology as we know it:

• A horoscope begins at conception (cusp 9) rather than birth (ASC), incorporating gestation – the most formative period of life.

• The sun, moon, and planets correlate with people in your life reflecting who you are – everyone from parents and siblings to friends and lovers.

• Horoscopes are not unalterable blueprints formed at the moment of birth but are constantly changing as planets trigger key events in your epigenetic early life.

• These events can be predicted using a wheel of life – a simple diagram that reveals every significant occurrence in your life span.


Image by Emma Kunz at Serpentine Gallery

Adam, Lilith as Snake and Eve in the portal at Notre Dame in Paris


My Equinox 2019—Equinox 2020 Astrological Calendar will be available

in Spring 2019, signed for $15 + PP

My article "Chaos and Order in Astrology" first published in the Astrological Association of GB is now available at the AstroDienst website and is being translated into Czech for publication.

Radio Interview 18 November 2016 with A.T. Mann

on Chris Flisher's "Turning of the Wheel"


My 24 January 2017 Interview with Adam Sommer "Exploring Astrology" about the Autism Spectrum and Life Time Astrology

Also featuring our conversation about "Serpent Dreams: Symbols of the Divine Feminine and Women's Power"

Treat yourself to a Mandala Astrological Tarot reading

Healing and Astrology Interview with ATMann

An Interview by Astrologer/Homeopath Colin Farley about Healing and Astrology

The Sacred Language of Trees

By A T Mann

ATM tree cover

Sterling, New York, September 2012

I have just done an article about the book in FAITH AND FORM magazine, which you can read HERE

Trees are essential to our outer and inner lives. They create the oxygen we breathe; we burn their bodies as fuel; and they provide our houses, furniture and the very pages of our books. Trees are also central images, symbols and manifestations of life itself. We love their solidity, their immovable beauty and grandeur, as well as the shelter they provide us, and they remind us of our impermanence. 

Early humanity recognized the sacred in natural places: initially in the sky and earth, but they also found representations of the divine in trees in ancient times before language, myth and religion. Celtic people created an alphabet based on their twelve sacred trees, while yews and oak groves were places of worship for the Druids and later the church. Sacred groves of ash and oak trees existed at sites like the holy place to the Greek healing god Aesculapius at Epidaurus and to Athena on the Acropolis in her city of Athens.

Branches arch out into the sky and gigantic roots dig deeply into the ground, as trees symbolize the integration of heaven and earth, above and below. Early Chaldean myths mention a tree at the centre of the world, the tapestry of which revolves to describe creation. Although such images of the world tree might seem fanciful to us, they express the need of early humanity to identify and worship living symbolic connections between earth and heaven.

The tree is a powerful metaphor expressed in ancient mythologies and the early religions, from the Bodhi tree under which the Buddha achieved Nirvana to the wooden cross upon which Christ was crucified. The Tibetan Buddhist Guru Rinpoche, also called Padmasambhava, was born emerging on a lotus from a lake and his initiates meditate on the refuge tree to remind themselves of their teaching lineage.

Phenomena of nature and qualities of humanity come together in trees just as they played a central role in Eden. Rain comes through holes in the fabric of the world tree and majestic trees are ways by which we can ascend to heaven. The various levels of the tree's growth symbolize hierarchies and therefore places where men and their souls exist, in what later morphed into the idea of a family tree. It is as though the universe is a giant tree-house wherein humanity, the angels, the gods and devils all live, their domains determined by their various levels, all connected as a vast, eternal living organism. There are medieval paintings that show just this quality inherent in trees.

Carl Jung found trees abounded in significant dreams as a symbol of growth, of wisdom, aging and corporeality. Trees have a major place in alchemy, often sheltering nymphs that symbolize their magical aspects.

In our modern world we must learn to respect and husband our trees as a cornerstone of new, emerging ecological visions, partially because they consume greenhouse gasses and transform them into the oxygen we breathe. We must carefully restore their sacredness as a matter of urgency and reverse our wholesale rape of their habitat, which continues to this day. Trees are central to our ecological visions of the future.

This book will celebrate the beauty of trees, their infinite variety, their inspiration, their emotional significance, their spiritual heritage and their sheer independence. It will marry evocative images with the poetry and literature and spiritual texts that best describe their ineffable spirit.

AT Mann Tree Apple Dream


"This insightful and exquisite book explains how our primal relationship with treesa central theme in religion, myth, and culturecontinues to evolve in an age of environmental fragility. Author A. T. Mann explores the properties of trees, and our complicated relationship with them. Stunning arboreal art and photographs celebrate the mystery of trees, enhanced by quotes from poetry, literature, and spiritual texts. Investigating the tree in varying guises, from Jungian symbolism to Indian fertility worship, Mann shows us new ways to appreciate them in our conscious and unconscious lives. The Sacred Language of Trees will make us aware of trees' importance to the future of humanity and Earth itself."   Goodreads review

“There rose a tree. O pure transcendence!
O Orpheus sings! O high tree of the ear.
And all was still. Yet in the stillness
new beginning, summoning, change sprang forth.”   
Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke

“I part the out-thrusting branches, and come in beneath the blessed and the blessing trees.”
Woods by Wendell Berry          

“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees, and flowers, and clouds and stars.” — Martin Luther

“Break open a cherry tree and there are no flowers, but the spring breeze brings forth myriad blossoms.” — Twelfth Century Zen Master & Gardener Ikkyu Sojun


The new book is a collaboration of members of the Forum for Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality, edited by Thomas Barrie, Julio Bemudez and Philip Tabb, featuring a chapter by A.T.Mann,"Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold Between Worlds."

This book is a scholarly collection of essays on contemporary perspectives regarding the nature and significance of the sacred in the built environment. Recognized experts in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, and religious studies bring unique perspectives to a range of topics and examples. Even though the post-modern condition has transgressed, degraded or superseded shared belief systems and symbolic languages, the experience, significance and meaning of the built environment retains a certain kind of veracity, potency and latent receptivity. The authors approach the subject from a range of disciplines and theoretical positions, all share interests in the need to rediscover, redefine or reclaim the sacred in everyday experience, scholarly analysis, and design.

The book is organized according to five principal themes: Being in the World, Sacred – Secular – and the Contemporary Condition, Symbolic Engagements, Sacred Landscapes, and Spirituality and Designed Environments. The co-editors introduce the volume with an overview of pertinent literature, scholarly precedents, and primary areas of interest in the subject area.

This book is the result of scholarly findings and papers selected from the first four symposia conducted by the Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality (ACS). Each year typically twenty-five extended abstracts were written and presented at the symposia, from which the very best have been chosen for this work. This international scholarly organization was founded in 2007 to support architectural and multi-disciplinary scholarship, research, professional practice, and education on the significance, experience and meaning of the built environment. For more information on ACS, visit:

ORDER "Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality"


In my 1986 book"The Divine Plot: Astrology, Rcincarnation, Cosmology and History" I showed my 1979 design of the Periodic Table of the Elements in a circular/spiral form that correlates to astrology, which to my knowledge is still the only such representation I know about. (The brilliant Walter RusselI did a similar circular version.) was recently pleasantly surprised to see it in The Internet Compendium of of PeriodicTables. Take a look:

The Circular Period Table of the Elements correlated with Astrology

periodic table

If you are interested in knowing more, the book is available from me as a pdf called "The Divine Life"


An interesting article by Marina Masic mentioning my work in the new magazine MONROWE

(Click here to read the article)


YouTube AT Mann at Golden Drum

Vivekananda: America's First Guru



Looking up into the night sky, cosmological wonders stretch out before us. Little do we realize that these infinite mysteries of the universe are reflected within us. A.T. Mann has studied our intricate connection with the cosmos and explains how we are inextricably intertwined with the sacred architecture of the universe in this interview with Regina Meredith, webcast on October 29, 2013.

You will be able to see the entire show if you are a GAIAM-TV subscriber or by signing up for the FREE 10-day trial. If you are not familiar with GAIAM-TV, try the free trial, watch my interview and explore their interesting and varied material.


A.T. Mann discusses sacred architecture of the universe with Regina Meredith

My original crystal pendulum made from the top of a Guerlain perfume bottle in 1973 on my houseboat in the Thames.

Kuan Yin wooden statue Korea

My painting of the integration of fe/male

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See Gerard Malanga's review of the Sacred Language of Trees in Rain Taxi

The Sacred Language of the Trees is a profound contribution toward restoring the sacred nature of trees.

and I am creating a documentary film on the subject, so be in touch and email me for information.


See it and buy it on now, Barnes & Noble, and your local book store.


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Noble Change at the Crow Collection of Asian Art,

Dallas, TX March 31, 2012 — January 05, 2014

I helped design a show of Tibetan Buddhist tantric statues, a thangka and woven scroll at the Crow Collection together with curator Caron Smith and director Amy Lewis Hofland.

To see the announcement document, CLICK HERE.

Due to the necessity for an unfolding sequence of the pieces in the exhibition, we created a structure of veils or prayer flags that resonate with the nomadic Tibetan tents that would have housed these figures. They were previously only available to initiated adepts of tantric practices.


The Kurukulla dakini (sky goddess) enforces the dharma with fierce love. Here she is seen next to a banner of Tara mantras bearing a Vajrayana inscription.

Sacred Landscapes cover

Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold Between Worlds

A. T. Mann, with photographs by Lynn Davis

See Reviews & photos from our book signings in New York & Hudson

Available from Sterling Publishers and Barnes & Noble booksellers

Starred review from the prestigious Library Journal

Library Journal review



In book stores and

"Mandalas by A. T. Mann" 2012 Calendar

A Pomegranate Calendar

These are twelve mandala paintings, talismans, and mystical

diagrams I designed, created and painted between 1972 and 2005.


ISBN-10: 978-7649-5860-1 ------ ISBN-13: 978-07649-58601 ----- Product Dimensions: 12.9" x 12"

See and hear A T Mann talk about his ideas on YOUTUBE


ATM quadwheel

What is happening in your life?

Have a unique and special once in a "Life Time" astrology reading from your conception to old age (are you there yet?), or an Update including progressions & transits for a one year period ahead into your future for $350. Ask about my tarot readings and AstroCartoGraphy maps and interpretations. I do readings in person, but usually on the phone. I digitally record both ends of our conversation and send you a CD. Contact me today for details at 518 area code then 822.0882.



My Tarot deck + book redesigned:

Mandala Astrological Tarot

Sterling Publishers published this new, updated version of my Mandala Astrological Tarot in 2008. I rewrote the text and redesigned the cards from my rescanned original artwork. It is available through Barnes & Noble stores, your local book store and online, Mandala Astrological Tarot magic 

In 2007 I wrote complete interpretation text for the Mandala Astrological Tarot on — you can have a choice of five readings. Below is the way my tarot cards look in an astrological reading. See for yourself by clicking on the card below.

 Mandala Astrological Tarot wheel

Exciting news is that two DVD films are being made that feature interviews with me. One is being made by Carol Gregor and also features Thomas Moore about the Lost Language of Architecture and the other is being made by Jay Weidner and Sacred Mysteries solely about my work with cosmology, astrology and the sacred. Both films are expected to be released in 2013.

Reincarnation Report Mann

My new Reincarnation Astrology Report for is now available. It is an extensive interpretation based on your birth horoscope and locates your planetary incarnations in history, back 50,000 years. It uses material updated and vastly expanded from my book The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation (1986 & 1991 & 2003). It determines the various incarnations associated with all the planets in your horoscope to their equivalent times in history. Finally discover your true roots in history! You have probably traveled to these places already.....

Astrology and the Art of Healing Mann  The Future of Astrology Mann

You can now get Kindle editions of Astrology and the Art of Healing and The Future of Astrology through AMAZON.COM

Click on either (or both) to order them!

Kala calendar 1976 Mann  Kala Calendar 1973 Mann

 1976 & 1973 KALA CALENDARS original Giclée prints

I now offer Giclée prints of some of my most beautiful mandalas. The Kala Calendars from 1973 and 1976 are the best examples of my work from the 70s; intricate, with complex geometry and including calendar for many different cultures and the signature magical plants for the twelve zodiac signs along the borders. The giclees are 20" x 29" on thick and beautiful paper. Suitable for framing, order one signed by A T Mann for $500 excluding p&p. Other paintings will soon be available.

Mann Feng shui report

New! Feng Shui Astro Location Report by ATMann on

bagua mann

Your custom floorplan for positive energy. Tad Mann's unique Feng Shui Astro Location report goes a step further than any other Feng Shui guide available. It takes your unique birth chart and "relocates" it to your current geographical location ... creating a highly personalized Feng Shui astrological map you can place over the floorplan of where you live now. Discover which planets are affecting which sectors of your home, and how to manage those influences to attain health, wealth and happiness. See your chart mapped onto your bedroom, apartment, house or property. Click on the logo above to do it


NEW: A T Mann's Astrology Pregnancy Report for

Based on the Sun sign Astrology of your child's due date, this report describes the personality traits that your child will likely exhibit during your pregnancy and beyond. It's a fun way to connect with your child's emotions and distinctive spirit . . . before he or she is even born. With the information this report provides, you'll not only get a feel for what your baby will be like when it arrives, but you'll be in sync with every stage of your pregnancy. It is also a great and timely gift for your pregnant spouse or friends.

I have recently become very interested in the E8 model by the physicist Garrett Lisi because its geometry resonates with my mandala, astrology, calendars and architecture. Take a look at the embedded video of his model of the Theory of Everything.

Hear a recent interview with Tad Mann by the astrologer Chris Flisher archived on Contact Talk Radio.

Click here to hear the hour-long podcast about my astrology work


Merapi Borobudur Merbabu Java

See my photos from my 2007 trip to Bali and the tour I guided to Borobudur: click on this link.

Link to photos of my trip to the Sherabling Monastery of His Eminence Tai Situpa Rinpoche in North India 2005

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