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Alden Taylor Mann IV was born in New York in 1943 and received a five-year B.Architecture from the Cornell University College of Architecture in 1966. In the 1960s he worked for influential architects in New York City (Gruzen & Partners, Davis Brody & Associates, and Robert A. M. Stern & Associates) and for The Architect’s Collaborative (TAC) European Office in Rome 1968-69. His design won a Progressive Architecture Magazine Design Awards Citation in 1970, for New York City Public Housing, (January 1970, pp. 98-99). In their Annual Awards Issue: Alden Taylor Mann and Stuart Cohen were principal designers for "Lindenwood: Low Income Public Housing for Queens, New York" for Gruzen and Partners Architects, New York.

After living in Rome and Morocco, he took an overland journey to the East, he experienced a profound transformation and became an astrologer, author, publisher and single parent in 1972. He has written or co-written twenty books (translated into many languages) on astrology, sacred architecture, sacred gardens, ecological design, sacred trees, sacred sexuality, calendar systems, psychology, healing, tarot, prophecy and reincarnation. He lived in England from 1973-1991, Copenhagen from 1991-1999, and is now single and lives in Hudson, NY.

He has taught his unique design ideas and methods at the Manchester Metropolitan University Architecture School, the Danish Design School and other universities. He participated in major information technology/ecological design conferences in Europe and the US as a lecturer, group leader and facilitator: at “Doors of Perception 2” in 1995 in Amsterdam, “Mind over Matter” in 1996 in Copenhagen, Denmark and in 1997 he presented a paper “Sacred Architecture: The Essential Spiritual Component” at the “Making Sacred Places” conference sponsored by the University of Cincinnati College of Architecture and Planning and Hebrew Union College. He has lectured at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and the Yoga Expo in Los Angeles. He is a mamber of the International Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability (ICIS) in Copenhagen and the Forum for Architecture, Spirituality and Culture in the US.

He is an author, painter, architect, graphics and book designer, and has designed layouts, covers and illustrations for many books, companies, publications, websites and products. His graphic design was recognized and featured in "Masters of the 20th Century: The ICOGRADA Design Hall of Fame" (2001, Graphis, New York). The International Council of Graphic Design Associations represents the community of graphic design professionals worldwide and showcases their members at their annual London Seminars. He was a speaker at their 1997 event and is included in their illustrious group of international graphic designers.

He has been involved in many architectural projects in recent years. He designed the Jackson House in Jutland, Denmark up to the final design stage. He worked with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA, as an architectural and feng shui consultant for four months in 2003, creating a site development plan, working with the final design and fittings for two theater lobbies and other essential functions. He was also a feng shui design consultant for the Interlaken Art School in Stockbridge, MA for their redesign and renovation.

He is currently working on a new edition of "The Mandala Astrological Tarot," and an Italian tranalation of "The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation." He worked on a film of the Dalai Lama giving the "Kalachakra Tantra Initiation" with Mystic Fire Video in New York. He is a co-founder of Universal Quest and was co-producer and editor of a documentary of a dialogue with Ken Wilber and Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche in "Spirituality in the Modern World." He is currently working on a Universal Quest documentary about the "Vivekananda: First Guru," and a documentary film about Sacred Architecture.

He is a former board member of NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research), was Director of Publications and was on the board of UAC 2012 major conference for 1600 astrologers in New Orleans. He designed numeroud publications for NCGR, was the first designer/editor of the new NCGR Research Journal, published in September, 2010.

Design Educator
Graphics and DTP Designer
Multimedia Designer
Documentary film maker and editor


The Author’s Guild
Former Board Member & Director of Publications, National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR)
International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR)
Past Associate Member, American Institute of Architects
Past Member, Society of Authors (UK)
Advisory Board, International Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability (ICIS) in Copenhagen.
Member, The Forum for Architecture, Spirituality and Culture (ASC)

A T Mann’s Books

The Sacred Language of Trees (2012, Sterling, New York)

Sacred Landscapes: The Threhold Between Worlds, with photgraphs by Lynn Davis (2010, Sterling, New York and Moscow, Russia 2015)
2011 ATMann Mandala Calendar (2010 and 2012, Pomegranate, Petaluma CA)
The Mandala Astrological Tarot (2009 and 2016, Sterling, New York, 1987, Macmillan, Harper & Row/SF, 1997 HarperCollins and new edition, Sterling Publishers, 2017)
A New Vision of Astrology (2002, Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, New York)
The Round Art of Astrology (1978 & 1991, Dragon’s World Ltd. and 2003, Vega, London)
Astrology and the Art of Healing (1988, Unwin Hyman & 2004, Paraview Publications, New York, 2 foreign editions)
The Divine Life: Astrology and Reincarnation (2002, Vega/Chrysalis, London)
Sacred Sexuality (with Jane Lyle) (1995, Element Books Ltd., Barnes & Noble, Book of the Month Club, 2 fe, 2002, Vega, London)
Elements of Reincarnation (1995, Element Books Ltd., 7 fe)
Sacred Architecture (1993, Element Books Ltd., Barnes & Noble, Book of the Month Club, 2 fe, 2002, Vega)
Secrets of the Tarot (1993, Element Books Ltd., 2001 HarperCollins, 7 fe)
Millennium Prophecies (1992, Element Books Ltd., 13 fe)
The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation (1986, Allen & Unwin, Element, 2017 Capone, Torino)
The Future of Astrology (edited and conceived, 1985, Allen & Unwin, London and 2004, Paraview Special Editions, New York)
Life Time Astrology (1984 & 1991, Allen & Unwin, London; Harper & Row, San Francisco; Element Books Ltd., London; 4 fe)
The Phenomenon Book of Calendars (seven yearly editions 1972-1980, published by Phenomenon Publications, London; Doubleday/Anchor Books, New York; Simon & Schuster, New York.)

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