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The Divine Life:

Astrology and Reincarnation

Cover design, text, book design and all images A T Mann, 1986 & 2002, World Rights in All Media

This synthesis of two classic books, Life Time Astrology and The Divine Plot by the renowned astrologer A T Mann, brings together halves of a cosmic puzzle. The Divine Plot is a theory of time and consciousness that puts forward an explanation of many of the enigmas of life today. It confronts questions such as: Where does the evolution of consciousness lead? Why is mythology central to the psyche? Was there an ancient civilization called Atlantis? Did life originate with extraterrestrials in the remote past? Can number and symbolism unify the physical world and the spiritual world? What is reincarnation and how does it work? And, the most important question of all: Are we approaching the end of a World Age?

The revolutionary astrological ideas of A T Mann link astrology with biology, the new physics, esoteric spirituality, eastern religion, psychology and myth to redefine experiential time in life by using a unique logarithmic time scale that dates events from before conception to old you're your lifetime from conception to death is a reflection of the process of humanity throughout history, metaphorically and literally. By correlating the mathematics of time with your birth chart you can find your previous incarnations in history. We all carry a record of the grand creation of the universe within, waiting to be decoded. The evolution of consciousness is happening now, and The Divine Life holds the key.

eBook with 352 pages and many illustrations

"The Divine Plot is one of the most important astrological works of the 20th century. Not only does it put astrology into an absolutely central position for understanding the development of human history and consciousness, it also gives astrology a new dimension and practical tools by introducing logarithmic time-scales. A T Mann gives a breathtaking new angle to the age-old schism between faith and science, and between material and spiritual concepts, that in time will be decisive for astrology's position in western society. This book is a must for anybody who has the courage to call themselves an astrologer." Jesper Bernth-Andersen, Chairman of The Danish Astrological Association

"I highly recommend Tad Mann's incredible and innovative work in understanding prior lifetimes that affect our current life. His work is as brilliant as it is innovative". Jeff Green, author of Pluto

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