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Oprah in History

It's time to awaken parts of your true self that have been sleeping: your past lives. A Reincarnation Astrology report by visionary scholar A.T. Mann reveals exclusive insights from your soul's journey, lessons that will guide you in life today. As you read your 12 chapters of personalized information, you may even come to understand why certain people, places, ideas or events from history have always resonated with you.



My reincarnation report has been a huge undertaking and has been done in superb style. You can see the horoscope included in the report above. The example above is of Oprah Winfrey and clearly shows her previous incarnations, including her Venus, Sun and Mercury conjunction that happens during the American Civil War. If you want to download the sample of Oprah's Reincarnation Report, click HERE.


Have yours done today — just have your birth information handy and go for it!

Mandala Astrological Tarot Report from


I have written interpretation text for my Mandala Astrological Tarot, that is available from — you can have a choice of five readings. Below is the way my tarot cards look in an astrological reading. See for yourself by clicking on the card below.



Try New Beginnings Mandala Astrological Tarot reading



ATMann's Astro Location Feng Shui Report

This is a typical Astro Local Space Feng Shui chart:

Tad Mann's Feng Shui Astro Location report goes a step further than any other Feng Shui guide available. It takes your unique birth chart and "relocates" it to your current geographical location ... creating a highly personalized Feng Shui astrological map you can place over the floorplan of where you live now. Discover which planets are affecting which sectors of your home, and how to manage those influences to attain health, wealth and happiness.

NEW: A T Mann's Astrology Pregnancy Report for

Based on the Sun sign Astrology of your child's due date, this report describes the personality traits that your child will likely exhibit during your pregnancy and beyond. It's a fun way to connect with your child's emotions and distinctive spirit . . . before he or she is even born. With the information this report provides, you'll not only get a feel for what your baby will be like when it arrives, but you'll be in sync with every stage of your pregnancy.

This report uses Astrology to identify your baby's characteristics, so that you can bond with your child's unique personality before it greets the world. Based on your baby's due date and likely Sun sign, you’ll get to know his or her distinctive traits and emotional outlook. Once you begin to resonate with your child, you can better support her or him in both physical and emotional senses.

This report also allows you to connect with baby on a deeper level so that you can identify similar emotions, sensations, ideas or thoughts that you might experience during your pregnancy. Your baby's Sun sign characteristics and energies can even influence your feelings during your pregnancy, so Your Pregnancy Astrology Report helps you prepare for what might lie ahead.

The report provides useful information about each trimester of your pregnancy. Chapters include:

Introduction: About Your Report
Chapter 1: Sun Sign Characteristics
Chapter 2: The First Trimester
Chapter 3: The Second Trimester
Chapter 4: The Third Trimester
Chapter 5: Your Next Steps

Your Astrology Pregnancy Report is written by veteran astrologer and Tarot scholar Tad Mann, who has over 30 years of research and experience. Tad is also a published author, with 14 books to his name.

Put simply, your Solar Return is the moment that the Sun returns to exactly the same spot in the sky as when you were born (usually on or near your birthday). The Solar Return Birth Report takes a snapshot of the stars during your Solar Return, and expert astrologer Tad Mann's innovative interpretation offers a year's worth of month-by-month advice. Whether as a gift for a loved one or a gift to yourself, the Solar Return Birth Report makes a great birthday tradition. Click on the logo above to get your report.

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