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Life Time Astrology

The LTS disk can be copied as a tranparency and overlaid on a chart to show dates.


For download of the pdf of LifeTimeArcs calculation tables:

Conception to 76 years old

76 years old to 100 years old

Click here for the PDF handout of my lecture.

In 1972 A T Mann created a revolutionary new astrology system based on ideas synthesized from biology, genetics, the new physics, depth psychology, Eastern mysticism and the spiritual ideas of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Rodney Collin. Life*Time Astrology is unique because it utilizes a "time scale" that describes your life as a process in time. A Life Time reading describes your life as a dated sequence of events and inner experiences beginning at conception that integrate through time in the form of a story, your unique story.

Your story starts before your conception, extends through your life to the present, and then ahead ten years into your future. Your earliest life events are stored somatically within your physical body, and are the deepest and most pervasive, while later influences in childhood and adolesence create your emotional and mental bodies, which modify and activate them. Your transcendent spiritual body is a synthesis, available in the transpersonal domain. Each new stage of life is an adventure and this reading provides you with a roadmap with which to navigate the process.

The LIFE*TIME ASTROLOGY reading takes about 90 minutes and is recorded in a digital quality so you can concentrate on the process. You receive a horoscope, a list of logarithmically determined dates from conception to the default age of 99 years old, as well as an MP3 so you can replay it entirely. It is from this list that the reading is created, and we go up to the present and the reading goes ten years ahead into the present to spot future trends.


The reading can be experienced in person, recorded or done over the telephone or via SKYPE. You must provide accurate birth information including your name, date of birth, exact time of birth (preferably from your Birth Certificate) and place of birth. The cost of a Life Time Astrology reading is US$325 or UK£250.


Other Astrology Readings

The Life*Time Astrology reading is the foundation of my work, being a description of the fundamental life patterns you experience from conception to old age. Other traditional astrological techniques may be utilized within and benefit from this context.

The ONE YEAR UPDATE reading combines SOLAR ARC DIRECTIONS, PROGRESSIONS and OUTER PLANET TRANSITS and goes back two months and ahead one year, to place you within your current life situation. This reading describes influences that are relevant at the moment, those that are coming into being and to which you should be aware. All such influences resonate with and activate deeper psychological and biological patterns, which in turn can be dated and identified. The present is always an opportunity to resolve past patterns we carry within. You can see the chart form I use below with three outside rings for PROGRESSIONS, SOLAR ARC DIRECTIONS and TRANSITS. The reading takes about 90 minutes and I digitally record it so that you can concentrate. You will receive a horoscope and CD of the reading. You must provide accurate birth information including your name, date of birth, exact time of birth (preferably from your Birth Certificate) and place of birth. The cost of a 1-year Solar Arc Direction reading is US$325 or UK£250 .


WinStar Pro and Sirius Life Time Arcs

All of the new versions of Win Star 4, Win Star Express, Sirius2.0 and the new Blue Star Pro have built-in modules to create and print Life Time Arcs, a dated list of events (year & month) including planets, house cusps, sign cusps and sensitive aspect points from the cusp of the 9th House/Conception Point to 99 years old. I use this list for all my Life Time readings. The list includes the zodiacal position, angular aspect relationship from a natal planet, age in months and year and the zodiacal position of the event in degrees and minutes of the sign.


If you have or wish to develop astrological skills and want to work with the Life Time Arcs, there is a module included in the latest version Matrix Software's WinStar 4 computer program, which I used to create the chart image above. There are also many other Matrix and Solar Fire programs, all featuring my King Scale of Color for Astrology. Email me for prices or call at 518*822*0882. You can also click through from here and buy it online:



Since Matrix Software was bought by Kepler Software, the Life Time Arcs are available in their latest version of SIRIUS 2.0. I will include more information shortly.

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AstroTimer Program

The Astro*Timer is a freeware program included with the LTS program for astrologers. As above, at its exact size on screen, it shows the transiting horary Moon and the angles (ASC & MC) zodiac positions in a narrow window that sits atop all other programs. When you click the left arrow you set the correct longitude, latitude and time zone of your location. It uses your computer's internal clock time and only works on Windows, except 64-bit. Please enjoy it and feel free to pass it on.

Contact me (see above) for more information or to order a program

Feng Shui Architectural & Design Services

Spirit of Space Dial    The Energy Earth Dragon

I was trained and practised as an architect, and have had 37 years of experience as an astrologer: the two together provide me with unique and powerful skills in the Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui. My techniques combine this ancient art with astrological specificity: your horoscope and that of your partner, family or associates effect your environment design profoundly. Discover the power of proper placement of buildings, furniture, artwork, images, altars, water flows and your relationship with the powerful energies of the natural world.

Using a uniquely designed astrological bua gua, I will analyze your building and make recommendations that will improve energy flow, the vitality of inhabitants, and promote health and satisfaction. My recommendations are not mere interior decorations, but rather inherent, structural and deep shifts in consciousness and being.

See the Jackson House Project in Denmark — 1994

Analyses and recommendations are available either in person or by e-mail and phone/fax from Tad Mann

My new Astro Location Feng Shui Report is now available from

Astrolocality Chart

Are you interested in having a computer-generated interpretation of your Local Space chart? You can get my Astro Locality Feng Shui report from that superimposes your Local Space astrology chart onto the bua gua. Tune up your environment by bringing your chart into your house. I also do individual consultations in person using this report for $300 for an hour and a half.

Tarot Readings

I use my own Mandala Astrological Tarot for readings. I designed & painted this deck in 1972 and again for publication in 1987. As a result, all my tarot readings have an astrological dimension implicit in them. I do a variety of spreads, many uniquely of my own invention, to fully utilize these unique and powerful cards. Astrological readings usually have a time period over which they function, and any questions may be asked by the querent. Contact me for more information or to book a reading on the phone. US$200 or UK£150, including a CD of the reading.

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