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AT Mann graduated after five years with a B.Architecture degree from Cornell University College of Architecture. He went to New York City to work and his first job was with Gruzen & Partners, a firm that was prominent in the 1950s, and was changing dramatically in 1966. In the course of working with Gruzen for more than two years, the firm went from 25 employees to more than 75, including six partners.

Since I was draft exempt during the Vietnam War because my father was a bomber pilot killed in the Second World War, I was able to go to New York and work instead of graduate school or the Peace Corps. I immediately felt at home designing and working on multi-million dollar buildings in New York City, which was a great thrill. I also felt able to utilize ideas I had nurtured during college in ways that were far superior to those on my school projects. I was junior designer for a housing project near the Brooklyn Bridge for 800 families. Then I worked briefly on the head of the firm's new apartment in the Dakota.

One Police Plaza, New York City Police Headquarters

We were given a commission to design the New York City police headquarters at what came to be known as One Police Plaza, which was a terrific gift. I was responsible for the scheme that gulded the final building, a cube of office space that stood above four projecting lower masses including an auditorium and other large functions. Here are some images of the building in recent years.

Looking through the Rhinelander Building towards Police Plaza

Looking from Chambers Street through the Rhinelander Building

From the Brooklyn Bridge showing the stepping cube above.


Lindenwood New York City Housing proposal
Progressive Architecture Design Citation, 1968

Designers AT Mann, Stuart Cohen -- Partner-in-Charge, Norval White

The design was for low income, New York City Housing Authority housing project in Queens, on a trianguler site. Gruzen & Partners made me project architect and we executed the design based on a Renaissance "Ideal City.The project was never built due to Mayor John Lindsay's disputes with the NYCHA, however it won a Progressive Architecture magazine Design Citation in 1970.


A T Mann – Architectural Design & Consultation
Jackson House Project, near Thy, Jylland, Denmark, 1994

Jackson House Energy Dragon   jackson2

Feng Shui "dragon" on the siteplan                                           Jackson House, Jylland, Denmark

The Jackson House is an architectural design commission I created while I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. The clients owned a large property that had for twenty years been the "World University," a live-in school of adult education. The existing building was a typical L-shaped Danish farm building. What is most unique and spectacular about the site is that it is adjacent to an ancient historical site with eight 5000-year-old megalithic burial mounds. (These mounds and their geometry can be seen on this partial plan of the site, which I symbolized by the earth dragon.) The solution was a stone and wood house with a crystal glass greenhouse that refracted the energy of the mounds, which was unique and satisfied the clients.

Bua Gua (1976)

Feng Shui Mandala, 1978

See my feng shui/architectural solution


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