New Program for using Life Time Astrology!!

In association with Matrix Software, I have developed a module as part of their wonderful WinStarExpress V3 astrology program. It calculates the list of LifeTime dates from Conception to 99 years old automatically from within the program and allows you to either print it or save it as a TXT file for editing. It is a great improvement over my existing DOS program and I highly recommend it. You can either buy the entire program for $99.95 via download by clicking on the image below. For information please contact ATMann.


Astro*Timer Program

The Astro*Timer is a freeware program I include with the LTS program for Astrologers. It shows the transiting/horary Moon and the angles (ASC & MC) zodiac positions in a narrow window that sits atop all other programs. When you click the left arrow you must set the correct longitude, latitude and time zone of your location. It uses your computer's internal clock time. Please enjoy it and feel free to pass it on.

To contact Tad Mann for more information or to order a program