AstroLocality Feng Shui with A. T. Mann

Saturday, May 30th 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Building C, Room C205, with One Hour Break for Lunch

When you combine your own astrology Local Space chart with the octagonal Feng Shui bua gua you get a unique and powerful way to affect and modify your environment so that it works for you on every level. It relocates your birth chart to the places where you live and work. Each planet has its own angle unique to you and once you discover these hidden keys, you can play with the energies that swirl around you and bring new life to your finances, energies, health, happiness, love-life and identity. This combination of east and west is profound and easy to understand. Bring your horoscope and plans of your house, apartment, land or office. The talk is illustrated.


A. T. (Tad) Mann received a five-year B.Arch. degree from Cornell University and worked as an award-winning architectural designer for major firms in New York City and Rome, Italy. He lived in England and Denmark for 26 years and now lives in Hudson, NY. Astrology Books and Media: Tad's 14 books cover a very wide range of subjects and have been translated into 20 languages. In the 1970s he created a series of yearly calendar books called the Phenomenon Book of Calendars that were published worldwide. The first book he wrote and illustrated was The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space published in 1979. He followed with Life Time Astrology (1984), Astrology and the Art of Healing (1989), The Future of Astrology (1988), Millennium Prophecies (1991) and finally A New Vision of Astrology (2003). His new book Sacred Landscapes with photographs by Lynn Davis, and his Mandala Astrological Tarot will be published by Sterlingin 2009. Organizations: He is a member of ISAR and Director of Publications for NCGR. He is also a member of the Author's Guild in New York. He was formerly an associate member of the American Institute of Architects. Tad Mann’s Astro Locality Feng Shui chart and report are available at

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